zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Socks, again ;)

 Look at this picture above! This morning my lace socks where finally back in stock at ASOS. So I ordered them immediately and ordered these with them:

I also saw a lime coloured nailpolish from Rimmel London, it was really cute and only €3,80. Unfortinately ASOS can't send nailpolish over sea, so I couldn't buy it. Still I'm really happy I could buy these socks en rings in sale and without shipping costs. Can't wait till I will receive it February 7th.

What do you think about my purchases?

donderdag 27 januari 2011

H&M summer/spring 2011

When I saw this video I was like 'wow'. I had never expect this for an H&M collection. It's amazing, and I hope it's cheap so I can buy all clothes in de video. Here are some pictures to take a closer look.

I's all so 80's!
 I especially like the colours (pink!). And ofcourse the shoes and boho top on de last picture. I just want to buy it all, can't wait till I'll be able to buy my new spring clothes.

How about you, don't you get sick of this weather?

dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Just a dress

Here is my outfitpost, like I promised. I have been having this dress for so long, I think all the clothes I bought before this dress are clothes I already gave my sister because they are to small for me now. Luckely I stopt growing by that time, so I hope I can keep my clothes forever.

Wearing: Dress - H&M, giraffe necklace - a gift, nailpolish - from my sister, glitter wedges - H&M (now in sale)
red flower ring - Primark, silver heart ring - Bijoux Brigitte

Tights might look blue but they really are grey. Today's outfit is simple, but I still like it. The shoes give the finishing touch.

Thanks for reading,

PS For people who notice, this is the sweater that everybody hated in last season Hollands Next Topmodel. I didn't see the episode, but I know about it, and I like it as a dress. So don't hate it!

Last weeks party

Did I already told you about Denise's sweet 16? I didn't have the pictures yet, till today. Do you want to see them?

All socks Denise got from her family as a present.

 Anna and I stealing her socks

 Aren't they cool?

Showing our socks

And some pictures of all the gasts :)

Don't you think I, the girl in black with the gold overknee socks, am wearing the coolest socks ever?! Well I do! I'm in love with them, and Denise gave them to me as a present. I'm so happy! I will wear them tomorrow so I hope I can show you guys some pictures tomorrow.

Tonight I'll post my today's outfit. Im wearing an H&M dress, a giraffe necklace and my most comfortable heels. 

Don't forget to check my blog tonight

maandag 24 januari 2011


Hey guys,

I've had a hectic day today. My school schedule changed and everybody was hating the person who makes them. I'm not verry happy either, on monday I've got school from 8:20 AM till 15:30 PM and I only have three normal lessons on that day. I keep thinking they don't think about the students when they make a new schedule. I heared people say that by wednesday there probably will be a new schadule, again, I hope that one will be better.

I didn't made outfit pictures of todays outfit yet. I hope I still have time to do it, but it's getting dark and there's no one home that can make my pictures.

My socks are still not back in stock and it's starting to piss me off. Here are some really cool combinations with socks:

Pictures all from Lookbook and Tumblr

Oops, they aren't a few. I hope you like them.

Thanks for reading, I'll keep you posted.

PS for one of only reason my text turned black en blue. I have no idea why, I hope I can found out how to fix it.

zondag 23 januari 2011

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes.

I discoverd that ASOS is delivering free for some days. I've seen some really cute socks there but didn't want to buy them already because of the shipping costs, if I would wait a wile I could buy something else with them. The socks are just €3,85 and the shipping costs are €4,-.

When I found out about the free delivery I immediately wanted to buy them, but there nog on the site anymore. So now I'm angry with all the people that boughtt hem, just before I did. I hope I've got more luck tomorrow after school.

Because I did not have anything better to do I went to look for shoes on ASOS. I only watched the sale shoes, so if I really wanted to buy shoes they wouldn't be verry expensive. Now I saved all the really cool shoes, but ofcourse I'm not buying one of them, I already bought new shoes yesterday.

Here are the shoes I thought of who were really cool. (Heels are between 10 and 14 cm)

 ^At first: €70,51 Now: 38,46
^At first: €70,51 Now: 38,46
 ^At first: 141,02 Now: 42,31
^At first: 64,10 Now: 34,61
 ^At first: 102,56 Now: 56,41
 ^At first: 108,97 Now: 64,10
^At first: €141.02 Now: €74.36
^At first: €160.25 Now: €76.92
^At first: €141.02 Now: €84.61

There all a little simular to each other, but that's just my style. I stopt looking for shoes when they become €100,-. I think number 5 are shoes you only can like or dislike. I like them, but I completely would understand why someone would hate them.

Now I want to show you just one more pair of shoes:
  I'm just loving them. The're from Topshop and cost £75.00. I can't afford them myself, I even am afraid to calculate and see how much they cost in euros. Maybe I can ask them for my birthday, but that's unfortunately not untill April.

Second post today, I now, but I was bored. Now I'm off to bed.
Sleep tight!


Brown + Black

Here's a little outfit. I'm in love with these tights, what do you think?

Wearing: top - Vero Moda, skirt - H&M, Pumps - New Look, snake ring - Bijoux Brigitte, flower ring - SIX, stone ring - H&M (still in sale)

As you can see I love wearing rings, at the moment I've got 27 of them. I'll make a post soon to show them all. Can't wait.

Close up of my shoes

I almost forget to tell you, tuesday Eveline and I will be making pictures for our blogs. After I won Sing Star ofcourse. Don't forget to check my blog tuesday afternoon!

Have a nice day,

zaterdag 22 januari 2011

A woman's right to shoes

Yesterday I mentiont my new shoes, and today I will show them. Plus the outfit I wore yesterday. 

 Wearing: see true blouse - H&M, black short - Zara, ring - Bijoux Brigitte, shoes - Supertrash

If you're wondering why I wear a tanktop underneath, I'm to lazy to buy basic longsleeves so I don't have one. I'm so sad, I now.

Now look at my new shoes! Aren't they amazing? I'm just so in love with them. I was still looking for some shoes that would fit with bron clothes, I'm so happy I found these.

Thanks for reading,
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