dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Just a dress

Here is my outfitpost, like I promised. I have been having this dress for so long, I think all the clothes I bought before this dress are clothes I already gave my sister because they are to small for me now. Luckely I stopt growing by that time, so I hope I can keep my clothes forever.

Wearing: Dress - H&M, giraffe necklace - a gift, nailpolish - from my sister, glitter wedges - H&M (now in sale)
red flower ring - Primark, silver heart ring - Bijoux Brigitte

Tights might look blue but they really are grey. Today's outfit is simple, but I still like it. The shoes give the finishing touch.

Thanks for reading,

PS For people who notice, this is the sweater that everybody hated in last season Hollands Next Topmodel. I didn't see the episode, but I know about it, and I like it as a dress. So don't hate it!

1 opmerking:

Anoniem zei


Sorry for making fun of you before, I actually think your blog is supercool!
(also I'm impressed by your English! I do think you misspelled stopped, but I'm not very sure... :P)
How nice of you to mention the necklace was a present =)

When you wear those shoes you're a giant. But I love you anyway ;)
And I think your dress is (still) very nice!

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