zondag 23 januari 2011

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes.

I discoverd that ASOS is delivering free for some days. I've seen some really cute socks there but didn't want to buy them already because of the shipping costs, if I would wait a wile I could buy something else with them. The socks are just €3,85 and the shipping costs are €4,-.

When I found out about the free delivery I immediately wanted to buy them, but there nog on the site anymore. So now I'm angry with all the people that boughtt hem, just before I did. I hope I've got more luck tomorrow after school.

Because I did not have anything better to do I went to look for shoes on ASOS. I only watched the sale shoes, so if I really wanted to buy shoes they wouldn't be verry expensive. Now I saved all the really cool shoes, but ofcourse I'm not buying one of them, I already bought new shoes yesterday.

Here are the shoes I thought of who were really cool. (Heels are between 10 and 14 cm)

 ^At first: €70,51 Now: 38,46
^At first: €70,51 Now: 38,46
 ^At first: 141,02 Now: 42,31
^At first: 64,10 Now: 34,61
 ^At first: 102,56 Now: 56,41
 ^At first: 108,97 Now: 64,10
^At first: €141.02 Now: €74.36
^At first: €160.25 Now: €76.92
^At first: €141.02 Now: €84.61

There all a little simular to each other, but that's just my style. I stopt looking for shoes when they become €100,-. I think number 5 are shoes you only can like or dislike. I like them, but I completely would understand why someone would hate them.

Now I want to show you just one more pair of shoes:
  I'm just loving them. The're from Topshop and cost £75.00. I can't afford them myself, I even am afraid to calculate and see how much they cost in euros. Maybe I can ask them for my birthday, but that's unfortunately not untill April.

Second post today, I now, but I was bored. Now I'm off to bed.
Sleep tight!


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