dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Last weeks party

Did I already told you about Denise's sweet 16? I didn't have the pictures yet, till today. Do you want to see them?

All socks Denise got from her family as a present.

 Anna and I stealing her socks

 Aren't they cool?

Showing our socks

And some pictures of all the gasts :)

Don't you think I, the girl in black with the gold overknee socks, am wearing the coolest socks ever?! Well I do! I'm in love with them, and Denise gave them to me as a present. I'm so happy! I will wear them tomorrow so I hope I can show you guys some pictures tomorrow.

Tonight I'll post my today's outfit. Im wearing an H&M dress, a giraffe necklace and my most comfortable heels. 

Don't forget to check my blog tonight

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