woensdag 27 juli 2011


 The last three and a half weeks I spent my time on Corse. I tried to post an outfit in the first week but the WiFi connection turned out to be amazingly slow, that's why I couldn't upload any pictures.

Now I'm back I'm able to post a picture I made on my vacation. Here is the outfit, not from corse but from Italy where I spent my first weekend. I'm wearing my new Pimpkie pants with flowers which I bought one day before. I'm afraid you won't be able to see the flowers, but I'll post an other outfit with the pants soon. I'll show you a close up by that time.

 Wearing: Pimkie flower pants, Mango basic top, Vans, SPS Hat

About the shoes: I don't think I've ever posted an outfit with my Vans, but they're really are my most comfortable shoes and because my mum wouldn't let me take my heels on my vacation i wore these instead in the evenings. I know they don't really match ;) By the way, I did brought 2 pairs of flipflops. I didn't wore the shoes during the whole vacation, to be honest: I think I only wore them for like three times.

About the hat: I love it! Since I went on my vacation, till the day I got back I wore it from the time I woke up till the time I went to bed. It's so perfect and confortable at the same time. I thought I would never be taking it of again. Such a shame about the weather now I'm back. I won't allowe the hat getting

Well now I'm going back upstairs. I'm painting my room and there is so much more work to be done.

I hope you guys have (had) great vacations too!

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