maandag 27 juni 2011

The hat

I went shopping with a friend ones, and she bought this really cute hat, then she promised I could borrow it anytime. Well, I borrowed it. I wore it with my orange lipstick and I really think the picture turned out really well.

How do you think about the picture?

zondag 26 juni 2011


Wearing: Forever21 top, Vero Moda skirt, Supertrash shoes, Mango coat

I have to pay more attention to my blog, it's getting awkward now. I made shots for my blog 4 times in the last few weeks but I haven't even post one of them. Here is one, and outfit post with my behated skirt. I don't think it's ugly or something but always seem to ruin my tights. Next to that I can't even ride my bike with the skirt, wich is not a very practical thing when you live in Holland. 

Okay, anough blablabla, I'll try to make a new post tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

donderdag 9 juni 2011

Neon pink bow

Here are some pictures of yesterday´s outfit, I know the dress is a little bit to short (or way to, that's your choice..), but I liked the combination anyway.


Wearing: H&M basic dress, H&M bow belt (old), H&M chanel-like jacket, Sacha Booties, Rimmel nailpolish, V&D flower ring, H&M rings (set)

Now I'm typing what I'm wearing I realize more then half came from H&M. I hate it when I find out about that, I always consider H&M as a shop for basics and accesoires. Allthoug I can't deny they have really great stuff sometimes..

Like I promised: I here by show you my new shoes. I love them so much. There's only one of my friends that likes them too, I just can't figure out why the others don't like them. I LOVE them! And how do you feel about the combination neon pink belt and lilac nails?

Ow, and about the background. It's hideous, but I didn't have the time to go somewhere else.

Wish me luck on my french reading test tomorrow,

dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Just need to have this!

When I saw this thing in Utrecht saturday I fell in love. I don't really know how to call it but I think it's more like a necklace then a I don't now.. Do you see those colours, and all those beats?! It has a zipper in the back and it's really havy but I just need to have it!

Zara thing - €49,95 - even more beautifull in real life then on this picture.

So, when you're reading this and you've just won the lottery or something: please be nice and buy me this, I'll never forget it!

PS Shoot, I found out Zara has more things like these. I'm screwed, I can never affored them all!

maandag 6 juni 2011

The maxi dress

And there they are, yesterday's outfit pictues, like I promised.

Wearing: Esprit maxi dress, DIY clutch, Grandma's hat, White strappy sandals with wooden details (not on the picture, silly me took them off and forgot to put them back on for the pictues..)

Yesterday's outfit. Foto's didn't really turned out like I was hoping but they're okay. I know the car in the background is a little weird but my father took these pictures and insisted I went standing in front of it, I couldn't really find another foto with me smiling..

And about the hat, it's so amazing. Too bad it's not mine but my grandma's, she bought it a few weeks ago on a vacation to Aruba. Luckily she told me I could come over and borrow it any time I want.

Now I'm of to my homework. I didn't got the time to make it because of my job interview this afternoon. And I got the job, I'm so happy! From now on I'm an ice-cream man, or woman, but man sounds better ;)

Have a great day,

zondag 5 juni 2011

I did it!

 Yup, I did it. I made my first finished thing on the sewingmachine, and I'm proud of myself! It's a blue clutch with an orange zipper. I followed Andy's DIY from to make it and I kinda like the results. 

I'll show you..

It's not really how I wanted it to be, but it's quite nice right?

I had way to much time this weekend so after a movie night with some friends on thursday, and making this clutch on friday, I went shopping in Utrecht with my mum on saturday. We went there for the fabrics but I couldn't really find what I whas looking for. I did find a really cool golden leather, but it was not even 1m2 and it had multiple holes in it. That's why we went to some clothing stores and to a restaurant (where I had the best lunch ever, to bad I didn't bring my camera).

I didn't really buy anything, but it did buy the shoes at Sacha. I've been craving for them for a really long time now so I decided I would just buy them this time. They costed me more then my clothing money this month but that's okay for once. My mum told me I could pick a dress too, which she would be paying for. And you now what this means right? I finally own a maxi dress that's long anough for me. You have no idea how hard it is to find one! I'm just to tall for those things.. I found a striped one at Esprit which is pretty much what I was looking for, I'm wearing it today so you can expect some pictures tomorrow. A little further in this week I'll show you an outfit with the shoes :)

Have a great weekend!


PS My mum bought some amazing shoes too, I think I'm going to wear them even more then she will!
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