zaterdag 22 januari 2011

A woman's right to shoes

Yesterday I mentiont my new shoes, and today I will show them. Plus the outfit I wore yesterday. 

 Wearing: see true blouse - H&M, black short - Zara, ring - Bijoux Brigitte, shoes - Supertrash

If you're wondering why I wear a tanktop underneath, I'm to lazy to buy basic longsleeves so I don't have one. I'm so sad, I now.

Now look at my new shoes! Aren't they amazing? I'm just so in love with them. I was still looking for some shoes that would fit with bron clothes, I'm so happy I found these.

Thanks for reading,

2 opmerkingen:

Eveline zei

wat een leuke schoenen, hihi.
doe je ze vanavond aan?
en je hebt gelijk, wat zou ik zonder jou moeten..?

Littleboots zei

Wauw hele mooie schoenen! Ik ga je volgen!

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