donderdag 17 februari 2011

Doubting about some shoes..


It's been a while, again, but here's a new post. 
Today I went to the city on my own because I needed new black tights. I have lots of tights but for some reason all the black ones got broken. I have one left now, but last week I discovered a hole in it. No one will see it because it's underneath my skirt, but still. It's not normal to have just one pair of black tights if you wear skirts everyday.

And ofcourse, because I could not resist going into a shoe store, I saw these amazing boots. They're grey suede overknees with a little wedge. They really are amazing and on sale, for only €40 and made of real leather.

Well, now I have a problem. Because in a week I will be going to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht for shopping, if I buy these babys now I will have only half of my money left.. Next to that, I don't really need new boots, winter is almost gone and it's not that I have just two pairs of shoes, more like twenty pairs.

I just can't deside what to do, I'm telling you all the bad things about them, but they fit just amazingly! They come above my knees, my other pair of overknees don't because I'm to tall.

I just can't deside..

What should I do?

PS I know this post is boring, but here are some really cool shoes

O, and maybe it's funny to know. I forgot to buy tights. So tonight I will be going back, and maybe, really maybe, I'll step buy that shoestore and buy them anyway. A woman can never have anough shoes, right?!

zaterdag 12 februari 2011

Mask Ring

Guess what I found when I came home last friday, my ebay ring! For the ones who now all the rings I wanted to buy there, before I deleted my blog, I bought the first one. A mask ring. I'm so happy I bought it, because it matches with almost all my clothes and it's even more beautifull in real life then on the pictures.

To bad It's hard to see on the pictures, but it's so beautifull! If you type 'mask ring' in ebay you will find one. It was about $7,- inc., which is about €5,- or €6,-.


Thanks for reading,

vrijdag 11 februari 2011

ASOS order

I'm ill today, just like yesterday, and I'm so bored. Luckely my ASOS order came in yesterday so I made some pictures of my new purchases. Three pairs of socks and two rings.

 Package the way it came

 Guess what's inside...

 Guess again..

 It's a two finger ring, yeah!

 And guess what that is..

 It's a mouse ring, wow!

And socks :)

And now a little story about mister Mouse.

 "Hello, my name is mister Mouse,

and I like to steal socks"
 Aaah, where did mister Mouse go?

Yes, there he is.

Okay, I think it's clear I'm bored.
Thanks for reading,

dinsdag 8 februari 2011


I know, long time no see. But here is een outfit you're about to enjoy
This weekend I went to the city with my mum to buy some sholderpads for a dress. From one came another, we ended up with all kinds of bags full with new clothes. I bought myself some wool pants and silver glittery socks. And I got a very early birthday present wich I will tell you about later. Right now I'm to excited to show you my new pants.

This is the outfit I wore today

Jacket - H&M, Wool pants - Anna van Toor, Ring - Pieces, Shoes - Supertrash

Next to the fact i'm allergic to woulI'm so in love with my new pants! They're dark grey and really comfortable. Ofcourse I wore leggings underneath. These weekend I tried tights underneath but I could feel the wool right true them.

I am a happy girl!

Tomorrow I will show you my other purchases and I hope my ASOS order will be in by then.

Thanks for reading, 
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