woensdag 30 maart 2011

Clogs in style

Yes it's possible, clogs in style. Ofcourse I know that's just my opinion, because when I showed some friends the pictures they laught and thought they where just some shoes for me. I still don't know if that whas meant to be possitive.

Okay, sorry for the boring story. I bought these Zara clogs on Marktplaats (the dutch Ebay) today. When I googled them I found out many people have them, including chiara from the blond salade. I decided to share some pictures with you.

 These are not my pictures

Aren't they gorgious? I just love them, can't wait to receive them!

What do you think about clogs? Does it appends on how you wear them, or do you just think they are ugly?

zondag 27 maart 2011

New waistcoat

Yesterday I went to the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. It's an art academie and I hope to go to school there someday to studie Graphic Design. I had a really fun time there, they made my enthiousiasm for the studie even bigger.

After (and to be honest, also before) going there I went shopping in Rotterdam (my ultimate shop city). This is one thing I bought at Primark.

 Primark Waistcoat

I also bought a pair of round sunglasses (wich I was looking for), a really big sun head, a summercoat and a present for my sisters birthday. My birthday is (also) in a month so I got the chance to pick some presents already. I'm not going to tell you wat I picked, you'll see that on April 20th.

This week I'd like you to meet Amber, and I think she might be someone you had never expect to meet so don't forget to check my blog this week.

Have a great sunday,

donderdag 24 maart 2011

Apple in the sun..

Because of the lack of outfit pictures today I'll post some pictures of my amazing sunglasses. One of seven to be honest, but I just love these. You might have seen them already on yesterday's pictures, but I think they're worth a whole post.

H&M Sunglasses, Six Rings, Unknown Dress

Tomorrow I'm going to the city with my boyfriend to find myself a birthday gift. I hope to find a ring, although he wants to get me a red dress (which is amazing either, ofcourse). We'll see what we'll find.

 I'm going back to my homework now, have a great evening!

woensdag 23 maart 2011

On a wednesday in March..

Every morning I step onto my bike to go to school, just like this morning. But this time there whas standing a truck in the middle of a small road on my way to school. I had to step off my bike and walk through the mud. The mud messed up my perfect shoes, wich made me really angry. I had to scrape the mud off when it whas dry, but you can still see some darker places. Arrrgg.

Today I wore something more proper for the weather. A shortsleeved dress.

Wearing: Unknown dress, ASOS socks, Supertrash shoes, Primark belt, Six rings

I'm sorry for the amazing fake smile on the second picture, I said 'noooo' to my sister, because she didn't want to stop making pictures. But eventually this picture showd my outfit the best.

And ofcourse I have to thank my sister for taking this pictures. I'll get her on a picture one day, even if she doesn't want to.

Have a great afternoon,

dinsdag 22 maart 2011

The carrot pants

I wore three layers of clothes today, how stupid can you get? The weather is finally great, and I wear my winterclothes. Luckily I did wear my sunglasses ;)

This is what I'm wearing:

 Claudia Sträter Blazer, Zara pants, H&M tops, Manfield boots

Sorry for the lack of fotos today. This is the only picture wich actually shows I'm wearing a top. And I know you still might think I'm not wearing one, but I am. It's beige with white at the top so the camera must have thought it's my skin.

Stupid Camera..

Have a great and sunny day,

zondag 20 maart 2011

With a red touch

Tonight we went walking to a restaurant in a village near our house. I couldn't wear my heels, because I can't walk two km on them, so I decided to wear my Allstars. With my new red lipstick and en red ring it looked great. Especially my scarf looked really good with the whole outfit, so I decided to take some pictures with my cote on on the way to the restaurant. This is what I wore:

 Wearing: H&M Blouse, H&M Jacket, Vero Moda Shiny Pants, Converse Shoes, H&M Red Ring (set), 
ASOS Anchor ring, Zara Coat, Scarf Zara

And guess what we saw on our way to the restaurant!

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

My new fake fur hat

Yesterday I went to the city with two of my friends. I didn't really need anything, but when I saw this I couldn't stop myself from buying it.

Isn't it amazing?  It is going to take a really long time before I can wear it, but that's okay.

I also bought two new lipsticks, wich I'm now wondering about why I didn't show them with this hat. But it's okay, I'll show them later this week.

Have a great weekend,

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Anastassia Elias

What you're about to see is the coolest thing ever, and I want everyone to see it. This french artist makes art out of toilet rolls. It's a-ma-zing! Just look at this:

I think the best of all is that the subjects are so simple. Mother and child in the zoo, fishing, getting a haircut. I think it's amazing. I almost wanted to say I would try it myself, but that is going to cost me a lot of time!

What do you think about these little masterpieces?

donderdag 17 maart 2011

Denim with Denim - The whole outfit

I hate it when people post Sneak Peeks and forget to post the whole outfit. Luckily I didn't forgot it myself. Here is the whole denim with denim outfit

Wearing: Zara Jeans, H&M basic tops, Mango Denim jacket, H&M swallow scarf, 
Bijoux Brigitte stone ring, H&M blue ring (set), Supertrash shoes

This is my favourite jacket for summer-, and especially spring days.. It has amazing sholderpads, really nice buttons and the best thing about jackets is: you can take it off when It's too warm. Today the heath wasn't really a problem, but still.

Can't wait till it's spring! Only four more days to go!

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Denim with denim - Sneak Peek

I know a lot of people say no when it comes to denim with denim. But I say yes. I love denim. This is a Sneak Peek of what I was wearing today. With my new H&M basics..

I'll post the whole outfit tomorrow, now it's time for me to watch the new Glee episode :)

Have a great day,

maandag 14 maart 2011

Warm and cosy

Because winter is almost over (at least I hope so), I will seize this opportunity to post some more winter pictures. I love big knits, if I could I would wear them everyday. But, as stupid as I am, I never buy one if I see it. I have just 5 knitted pieces  haning in my closet. Two dresses (you've met one of them), two vests and one sweater. The sweater I wear almost every weekend. I just love it, it's so comfy.

Well, here are some knitted, warm and cosy pictures.

And again, I just LOVE the last one. How it's combined, and just how the picture looks. It's perfect, warm, and cosy. Even though you now she's cold. 

Have a great day!

zondag 13 maart 2011


I really like fur cothes, weither they're fake or not (yes I know, that's bad). I have a fur hat myself, it's real and I got it from my grandma ones. I really love it, I just have not been able to wear it yet. It's getting warmer now, so I'm glad I don't need a hat.

Here are some furry pictures!

I especially like the last coat, it's green and furry! Wow! 
I'll show you a picture of my fur head soon. It's amazing :)

Have a nice evening,

PS that indiana girl looks cute too, right?

dinsdag 8 maart 2011

H&M Order

Tonight I did an H&M order, together with my sister and brother. This is what I ordered:

This top, I'm still thinking about the sunglasses but I ordered them anyway. I really have to much sunglasses, just like I have to much shoes, rings and nailpolish. But I'll buy it anyway, so why not now? The top is just a basic, I think it will come handy sometimes. And why not, for €9,95?

And here are three other pairs of basics. I ordered them all three in two sices to make sure they all fit. I really needed new tanktops. €6,95 each.

Two times six rings. I'm ashamed of myself..
(Two times €4,95)

And last, this dress. My mum was crazy about it and really wanted me to buy it. So I did, and I can always send it back. It cost me €29,95.

What do you need from H&M this summer?
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