woensdag 30 maart 2011

Clogs in style

Yes it's possible, clogs in style. Ofcourse I know that's just my opinion, because when I showed some friends the pictures they laught and thought they where just some shoes for me. I still don't know if that whas meant to be possitive.

Okay, sorry for the boring story. I bought these Zara clogs on Marktplaats (the dutch Ebay) today. When I googled them I found out many people have them, including chiara from the blond salade. I decided to share some pictures with you.

 These are not my pictures

Aren't they gorgious? I just love them, can't wait to receive them!

What do you think about clogs? Does it appends on how you wear them, or do you just think they are ugly?

3 opmerkingen:

Loes zei

meeste clogs vind ik veel te lomp, maar deze zijn echt veel mooier! Het lijkt alsof ze heel lekker zitten ofzo ;p
en nog bedankt voor 't compliment over m'n layout haha, heb er mn best op gedaan^^

Katrien zei

Enkel de zool eronder vind ik ietsje minder, maar het past er wel nog bij

Jan zei

Ik vind ze wel gaaf!
Ben erg benieuwd naar je eigen foto's!

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