dinsdag 8 maart 2011

H&M Order

Tonight I did an H&M order, together with my sister and brother. This is what I ordered:

This top, I'm still thinking about the sunglasses but I ordered them anyway. I really have to much sunglasses, just like I have to much shoes, rings and nailpolish. But I'll buy it anyway, so why not now? The top is just a basic, I think it will come handy sometimes. And why not, for €9,95?

And here are three other pairs of basics. I ordered them all three in two sices to make sure they all fit. I really needed new tanktops. €6,95 each.

Two times six rings. I'm ashamed of myself..
(Two times €4,95)

And last, this dress. My mum was crazy about it and really wanted me to buy it. So I did, and I can always send it back. It cost me €29,95.

What do you need from H&M this summer?

1 opmerking:

Eveline zei

ik wil ook dat bovenste shirtje! grrr.
nouja, maakt eigenlijk niet uit,
want m'n geld is opperdepop ):
die h&m folder was echt leuk hè?

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