zondag 27 maart 2011

New waistcoat

Yesterday I went to the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam. It's an art academie and I hope to go to school there someday to studie Graphic Design. I had a really fun time there, they made my enthiousiasm for the studie even bigger.

After (and to be honest, also before) going there I went shopping in Rotterdam (my ultimate shop city). This is one thing I bought at Primark.

 Primark Waistcoat

I also bought a pair of round sunglasses (wich I was looking for), a really big sun head, a summercoat and a present for my sisters birthday. My birthday is (also) in a month so I got the chance to pick some presents already. I'm not going to tell you wat I picked, you'll see that on April 20th.

This week I'd like you to meet Amber, and I think she might be someone you had never expect to meet so don't forget to check my blog this week.

Have a great sunday,

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Loes zei

wow dat is echt een tof giletje! Niet zoiets verwacht bij primark ;p

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