dinsdag 22 maart 2011

The carrot pants

I wore three layers of clothes today, how stupid can you get? The weather is finally great, and I wear my winterclothes. Luckily I did wear my sunglasses ;)

This is what I'm wearing:

 Claudia Sträter Blazer, Zara pants, H&M tops, Manfield boots

Sorry for the lack of fotos today. This is the only picture wich actually shows I'm wearing a top. And I know you still might think I'm not wearing one, but I am. It's beige with white at the top so the camera must have thought it's my skin.

Stupid Camera..

Have a great and sunny day,

2 opmerkingen:

Isabelle zei

Mooie outfit!

Denise zei

Wauw, ik vind je outfit echt heel erg mooi!

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