zaterdag 16 april 2011

Find the differences

Wearing: Forever 21 top, Claudia Sträter blazer, Vero Moda pants, Mango coat, H&M Glitter Wedges, Converse Allstars
This was yesterdays outfit. Because I have a competition tomorrow I decided not to wear heels for a week, to be sure I could run well. For the pictures I wanted to wear my heels, but now I'm not sure if heels do look better with this look. At first, my legs look longer and thinner with heels, but the Allstars look really cool because they are red. Second, these heels are my most comfortable heels but these Allstars are not really my most comfortable flats. I just don't know..

What do you think, Allstars or Glitter wedges?

4 opmerkingen:

Noor zei


This is the first time in three months I visit your blog, does that make me a bad friend?

Turns out, you're really funny! I always thought I was the only one who could appreciate your special sense of humour, but apperently you're funny when your talking to normal people as well.. ;)

Very cool outfit btw, I like the glitter wedges better... But I really do like the Allstars as well, they give the outfit sort of a 'twist'!

your blog is awesome! I hope it becomes like humongously famous, so you can quit school and just go parade through Amsterdam all day. Maybe you can get your boyfriend to follow you with his camera =)


mari b. zei

lovely outfit.
i think those heels are totally rad - they go perfectly with this look.

Isabelle zei

Ik vind het allebei heel leuk, de wedges staan wat netter & de all stars weer wat stoerder..

Eveline zei

wauw fleur, echt mooie foto's!
heb je die wedstrijd nog gewonnen?

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