maandag 11 april 2011

Forever21 Order

When I saw this picture from The Stylish Heart I fell in love with the jumper. I went to the webshop by forever21 and went looking for the excect same one. Turned out it was on sale, but the only size that wasn't available was mine, medium. Because I have quite big shoulders I was almost sure I couldn't fit in a size small, so I chose to order a size large. Oversized can be good with this sweater, right?

I really hope it will fit, and still look good. I'm planning on wearing it on my birthday, withs black shorts and tights.

 Forever21 jumper

Wat do you usually wear on your birthday, something special, or just wat you're feeling like?

2 opmerkingen:

Phuong zei

mooie sweater!

Travel In Style

Lalli Carvalho zei

The winter in Brazil is starting, I need this jumper NOW!
His style is beautiful, I'm enjoying seeing your blog.

@ lallic

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