zondag 26 juni 2011


Wearing: Forever21 top, Vero Moda skirt, Supertrash shoes, Mango coat

I have to pay more attention to my blog, it's getting awkward now. I made shots for my blog 4 times in the last few weeks but I haven't even post one of them. Here is one, and outfit post with my behated skirt. I don't think it's ugly or something but always seem to ruin my tights. Next to that I can't even ride my bike with the skirt, wich is not a very practical thing when you live in Holland. 

Okay, anough blablabla, I'll try to make a new post tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

1 opmerking:

fatal fille zei

what a cool top!

it must be hard to ride a bike with a skirt, i've never tried :P

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