maandag 6 juni 2011

The maxi dress

And there they are, yesterday's outfit pictues, like I promised.

Wearing: Esprit maxi dress, DIY clutch, Grandma's hat, White strappy sandals with wooden details (not on the picture, silly me took them off and forgot to put them back on for the pictues..)

Yesterday's outfit. Foto's didn't really turned out like I was hoping but they're okay. I know the car in the background is a little weird but my father took these pictures and insisted I went standing in front of it, I couldn't really find another foto with me smiling..

And about the hat, it's so amazing. Too bad it's not mine but my grandma's, she bought it a few weeks ago on a vacation to Aruba. Luckily she told me I could come over and borrow it any time I want.

Now I'm of to my homework. I didn't got the time to make it because of my job interview this afternoon. And I got the job, I'm so happy! From now on I'm an ice-cream man, or woman, but man sounds better ;)

Have a great day,

1 opmerking:

Eveline zei

you got the job!
leuke jurk trouwens (:

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