zondag 24 april 2011

A piece of cake..

Every year my sister and I celebrate our birthday together (well, only for the family). My birthday is on April 20th and hers is today, on the 24th. This year we thought it would be fun if we would both make a cake. And not for our selfs, but for each other. Eva made the round cake with a friend, it's a chocolate cake with strawberry inside. I made that castle cake, it's a vanilla cake and it also has strawberry inside. The party for our family was yesterday and I made some pictures.

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  1. Me and my cake, made by my sister
  2. The cake. The doll is me, click here to see which outfit she based it on.
  3. The cake I made for my sister.
  4. A piece of cake (so cute!)
  5. Random (It's a tree, for those of you who hadn't noticed)
  6. A pillow, present from a friend. She made it herself!
  7. Some of my presents.
  8. Me with my sunglasses.
  9. My sister's skirt.
  10. The shoes I wore today.
I also got a movie from my grandma, 'Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper'. I loved that movie since I whas little, I'm so happy I have it on DVD finally!

Have a happy easter,

4 opmerkingen:

Eveline zei

Die sokjes en je schoenen zijn echt super schattig!

Liesje zei

I love the socks in the clogs, and i'm really jealous on all your family and friends who make nice things for you!

Former Parades zei

Ah je schoenen zijn echt tof, vooral met die roze sokjes erin! Waar heb je je clogs gekocht? :-) en.die cake ziet er ook heeeeerlijk uit! Dankjewel nog voor je lieve reactie op mijn blog!!!

Veel liefs,

Kiek zei

Hey, zulke schoenen heb ik ook al! xD. ik scrollde nog wat naar onder. clogs(L).

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