woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Party in the dark

Yesterday I had two party's. The first was my boyfriends, nothing special. It was his birtday so he invited some friends and me. After that Eveline threw a sleepover party. The dvd player quited doing his job so we went outside and made some pictures for both our blogs. 

Wearing: H&M knit, Levi's vintage shorts, Replay shoes

Don't you think this match is great? The blue laces and the blue playground. I tried to climb the roof of this little playhouse wearing heels, but got scared halfway ;)

And here is another picture wich I just couldn't ceep from the world to see. Our red lips!

From left to right: Denise, Eva, Eveline (birthday girl!), me

Eveline got the red lipstick for her birthday from Denise and Eva. We all tried it on before going outside..

I just love having a vacation! It's a pity I have to study too.

PS I baked a cake for my boyfriends birthday, he didn't send me the pictures yet, but as soon as I find them in my mailbox I'll show them! I'm verry proud of the result, if I may say so myself..

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2 opmerkingen:

Mariette zei

Geweldige hakken heb je daar aan!

Liefs, Mariette

Ik volg je :D

Noor zei

Wow fleur!
Deze foto's zijn echt heel goed, vooral die bovenste!
& die shorts staan leuk bij die trui!

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