dinsdag 5 april 2011

The clogs and the coat

Finally I made some outfitpics today, and with a good reason. Today was the day I received 'the shoes' (I know I call many shoes that name, but these really are). I decided to show you my summercoat with them.

Mango Coat, Vero Moda pants, Zara Heels, Rimmel London Nailpolish

Aren't they beautifull? I'm so happy with them. I do need to say they are higher then I expected (15cm in stead of 12). They are really hard to walk because of the profile underneath. But still, they are beautifull. They're my babies and I'm proud of them (okay, okay, I'm a little overreacting).

About the coat. I bought it only because I needed it, my old coats (I had two) wear both to small. I know, it's a sad story.
When I went to Rotterdam a week ago I bought this coat, first I wasn't sure I liked it but now I think it's okay. The colour is perfect, and it fits me good. I'm just not sure about the shape. But I'll find another coat next to this one, so untill then it's fine.

Have a great evening,

4 opmerkingen:

Jente zei

Hele mooie clogs en jas!

Leonie zei

Je clogs zijn echt super tof! En je jas is ook leuk, mooie kleur! Btw, de foto van dat bordje over de Stylish Blogger Award heb ik niet zelfgemaakt hoor (; Ik vond het alleen een veel vrolijker bordje dan het plaatje dat bij de Stylish Blogger Award hoort, haha (;

Rixt zei

wat een leuke jas!
heel mooi (:

Béracha zei

oh, die jas is mooi!

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