dinsdag 8 februari 2011


I know, long time no see. But here is een outfit you're about to enjoy
This weekend I went to the city with my mum to buy some sholderpads for a dress. From one came another, we ended up with all kinds of bags full with new clothes. I bought myself some wool pants and silver glittery socks. And I got a very early birthday present wich I will tell you about later. Right now I'm to excited to show you my new pants.

This is the outfit I wore today

Jacket - H&M, Wool pants - Anna van Toor, Ring - Pieces, Shoes - Supertrash

Next to the fact i'm allergic to woulI'm so in love with my new pants! They're dark grey and really comfortable. Ofcourse I wore leggings underneath. These weekend I tried tights underneath but I could feel the wool right true them.

I am a happy girl!

Tomorrow I will show you my other purchases and I hope my ASOS order will be in by then.

Thanks for reading, 

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Denise zei

Wat een leuke outfit!

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