donderdag 17 februari 2011

Doubting about some shoes..


It's been a while, again, but here's a new post. 
Today I went to the city on my own because I needed new black tights. I have lots of tights but for some reason all the black ones got broken. I have one left now, but last week I discovered a hole in it. No one will see it because it's underneath my skirt, but still. It's not normal to have just one pair of black tights if you wear skirts everyday.

And ofcourse, because I could not resist going into a shoe store, I saw these amazing boots. They're grey suede overknees with a little wedge. They really are amazing and on sale, for only €40 and made of real leather.

Well, now I have a problem. Because in a week I will be going to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht for shopping, if I buy these babys now I will have only half of my money left.. Next to that, I don't really need new boots, winter is almost gone and it's not that I have just two pairs of shoes, more like twenty pairs.

I just can't deside what to do, I'm telling you all the bad things about them, but they fit just amazingly! They come above my knees, my other pair of overknees don't because I'm to tall.

I just can't deside..

What should I do?

PS I know this post is boring, but here are some really cool shoes

O, and maybe it's funny to know. I forgot to buy tights. So tonight I will be going back, and maybe, really maybe, I'll step buy that shoestore and buy them anyway. A woman can never have anough shoes, right?!

2 opmerkingen:

Aleta Blaise zei

go ahead and buy them if they fit perfect! it's not your fault, shame on them :D

Mauro zei

i love ysl and the last red shoes....amazing
I really like your blog
I'm a your new follower
Hope you read mine too

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